Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FIFA reveals World cup 2010 Trophy

FIFA just revealed to me exclusively the new design of the South Africa World Cup trophy!

"It is their tradition, it it their pride, it is what is making this world cup special!" - The FIFA dude said

Behold the World Cup "Cup" for 2010 is a golden Vuvuzela!!

You know, all this football playing during the World Cup, is really distracting me from focusing on the beautiful sound of the Vuvuzelas! I say, let's ban football! Are you with me?

Designed by the lovely Joelle Hatem.


  1. Very nice,I like the new design...

  2. hehehe habbeit! i'm deffo with u! :p anw glad to see i'm not the only one who put mute on my tv when i watch a football game!

  3. Yep! heard that now broadcasters will already change audio settings in a way the VUVUZELAS aren't heard that much :P