Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Expensive and shitty, that's what ICT in Lebanon is

Freedom of Expression, NOT
The idea in Lebanon is no longer to deprive people from their freedom of expression. We're beyond that. As a matter of fact, even though acts of oppression occurred in Lebanon before, by Lebanese authorities or "visitors", it always has been a power struggle. Nothing new right?

Good internet is like basic electricity
Wrong! At least abroad, even though they have this huge power struggle *coughs nuclear ... oil... etc...", at least they provide their people (well the normal countries that is) with good internet speed and services.

Again, we are at a crossroad in this low-bandwidth-internet country, we stand here today, watching our politicians prepare a law that is a perfect excuse to embezzle more money, the perfect tool for corruption.

Greed strikes again
You see, banning VoIP applications, isn't to oppress us... it's simply to make more money from us.

This is Lebanon indeed, authority figures always thinking about immediate gain, about more money, and never ever about the well-being of Lebanon as a whole. NEVER! There is no team playing at all.

Thank you Lebanon for your telecommunications and for us being one of the most expensive countries when it comes to that with the shittiest services.


  1. I would like to thank the Lebanese Government for affirming to me that my decision to leave Lebanon a few years ago was correct.

  2. The Internet in Lebanon is beyond shameful! Frustrating to users and businesses. Lebanon definitely has the worst Internet network in the Middle East.

  3. Can you or any of your readers tell me that when they place a cellular call, are they able to finish their conversation before getting cutt off?? The internet isn't any better. Ogero, MTC and Alfa stand to gain from this law, but I somehow have a feeling that there could be another reason behind passing such a law, ie: "Tannassot".
    No matter what the reason is, it is not logical and it does infringe on people liberties. If passed I wish for once the Lebanese will move their lazy arses and demonstrate in front of parliement.

  4. first of all i support Bilal and as a matter of fact i'm leaving this country by the end of summer, unfortunately!
    Liliane, hope has no place in Lebanon :p
    and can anyone explain to me how the government can make more profits from this law?

  5. What I meant concerning the VoIP, and because law can be bended however they like, they can come back by legitimizing this protocol and monopolizing it to them.. i.e. OGERO <-- that's just a theory of course, an example.

  6. Marillionlb, the plan was to demonstrate... :/ but hopefully if the law is not passed today, we should plan better as a next step

  7. Voting on this law was postponed for a month, maybe it is time for all concerned to group their effort and exert as much presure on those idiots we call politicians so that we make sure that such an abusive law never passes through parliement.

  8. yes this is what's gonna happen! Marillionlb, if you're interested (or anyone for that matter) let me know so I can tell you where the meeting will be held

  9. mhmmm... and then there are basic human rights...or should i say "aren't"...