Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Amethyste Lounge in Phoenicia

Been meaning to talk about this experience since we went there 2 Thursdays ago but was very busy with GeekFest Beirut and writing another article for Nokia etc... then I saw Ux|Soup's post and I remembered! Oh!

So, I really agree with almost everything Ux|Soup said, and I will highlight the ones that really stuck to my mind.

Hotel entrance and a big rectangular table
First, the stuff I didn't like is the hotel entrance. Now maybe other people won't mind it, but for me, I find it hard to tell my friends hey let's go chill, and then go to a hotel such a Phoenicia. It's a bit intimidating. So, the solution would probably be to maybe hold events that will make people motivated enough to overcome the hotel entrance (does that make sense?)

As for the table, yep I totally agree with Ux|Soup on that one too. I would've preferred couches, although there were couches on the other side, it was just that our group was seated on a table.

Great decor and architecture, awesome view
Now the good stuff, absolutely beautiful, I loved the architecture, the fact that there was a pool (although, can we make use of it somehow?), the ambiance, being on a balcony sort and having a view to the beach.

Now these are drinks
But what about the drinks and food? Fantastic drinks. They looked amazing, and tasted even better. Kudos really. Now there's a bartender who gives you a real cocktails experience and something new. Aren't you sick and tired of Vodka + Red Bull, or Vodka + 7up, or Vodka + cranberry? Well the vodka I had, had some exotic fruits in it, it was delicious, I think I finished it in 10 minutes! The selection of cocktails is enormous.

Artistic Food
The food? The presentation was wonderful, it looked like a piece of Art. I just regret not having my camera on me. Everything tasted superb, except for the chicken kebab, was a bit tasteless, but the meat kebab was very very tender on the mouth and the spices just perfect. The salad was presented in a "shaky" way, I mean literally, they shook the whole thing and gave it to us, which was very entertaining.

Desserts signature Heaven
Sorbet, Cheese Cake and so much more. I tried them all. They didn't only look beautiful, but they tasted greatly. I really regret not having the camera with me to share with you everything I saw there.

Value for money
Well, it's not something us ordinary working young employees can afford on a weekly basis, but definitely an experience that can be and should done once a month. Aren't you sick of diners and fast food joints? Moreover definitely worth every Lira.

Simply stylish.

Music, with ability to communicate still
Music was smooth, and not loud which allowed us to hear each other while talking without having to scream our lungs out like we do in pubs (even restaurants) in Lebanon.

All in all
So, if you're thinking of chilling while having extraordinary drinks, superb food, listening to music and yet still be able to enjoy your surrounding's company, all that with a smooth nice ambiance and distinguished decor, then I definitely recommend Amethyste Lounge.

For photos check Ux|Soup's post


  1. I thought La Estancia was your favorite :)

  2. Haha to a each a different feel and mood! Walaw Freddy :)

  3. Oh! and also your company by itself would make any place seem and feel awesome! Again, i was very happy I met you, Z and Siestke :)