Monday, May 24, 2010

GeekFest Beirut 2.0 - Yeehaa!

Hurray! GeekFest Beirut 2.0 is coming to town, if you haven't heard of it yet, then you must be living inside a jar of Nescafé! Anyway, it's happening this Saturday May 29, starting 8PM in Art Lounge.

All I can tell you that it will involve lots of techy, geeky and social media talks, some art and movie showcasing, some fun competitive games, lots of laughs, maniachi twist, and drinks!

I will be showing up with my cowboy hat, so I will be easy to spot. If you hate me or stalk me, here's your chance!

I'm a geek by choice! Are you? If so, and you're in Beirut - need I draw a flowchart? ;) - do join us!

More on the event here. In support, please add banner to your blog (if you want to).

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