Friday, May 28, 2010

The benefits of Lebanese "Twitter"

After the bashing, comes the building
Remember I promised that I will write the positive effects of Twitter after having criticized how Lebanese tend to "applaud" and "follow" for what's apparent without really digging deep in the meaning and value of what those people are offering them and the community back. So here it is!

Active Lebanese Tweeps
The Lebanese Twitter scene, the active members (we call ourselves tweeps), are in the hundreds, and the super active are close to quarter of that. Now these numbers are really just my own speculations, so please do not rely on them in your PhD thesis.

Our Meetups and Tweetups
Anyway, we've been meeting, we've been hanging out, breakfasts, farewells, dinners, having coffee, shooting photos together, visiting exhibitions, concerts, events..

Super experience, 4 words: Too much in common
What makes the experience super, is the mere fact that you are not hanging out with random people or common acquaintances, you get to actually hang out with technology oriented people, and obviously you're one too. We are techies in one way or another.

Techies nowadays
A techy these days isn't a person who knows how to dismantle a mobile phone and create a talking fridge from it. 

No! Techies are people who use any type of technology, be it a service or a tool or an actual hardware, on an hourly basis and stays up to date in order to facilitate their lives and improve their jobs and increase their knowledge in things.

So, in summary (yeah summary.. riiiiight :P), we have a lot in common. So when we get together. We have LOADS of fun, too much to talk about, not one single silent moment, so much news, too much information, too much fun. And yesterday, IMHO was one of the best #tweetups I have ever been to.

Last Tweetup, only complemented by a great venue
We ended up going to 3a Zaw2ak, which has the same owner as Ka3kaya, so we ended up ordering food from both places, we used their free internet, and ended up being offered two plates of fruits beautifully decorated and placed in such a delicious and attractive way, we attacked the plates and each other, like it's the first time we saw fruits in our lives. I definitely recommend these 2 places, they're in Hamra.

First Photo courtesy of: Samer Karam. And second yours truly.

Here's a special hello from me to those tweeps who were there yesterday: @bilalhouri, @sdarine, @dashkoun, @ychaker, @danyawad, @pascalassaf, @ghassanb, @lnlne, @samerkaram, @omarchr, @footnem, @shanty2, @azzi


  1. I can't wait to finally meet everyone at Geekfest!

  2. Loved it, Content and style. Bravo

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