Friday, May 14, 2010

Any more ways to milk the "World Cup" Saga?

Lebanon and World Cup - The Revenge
So I already showed you some photos from the flags saga that's been going on in Lebanon, but hey, there's a sequel. Ads and Commercials are milking it, here's an exaggerated list.

- Watch World Cup on our TV. BEST PICTURE
- Eat this meal and win a ticket to the final game of World Cup in South Africa.
- Buy a vacuum cleaner and win a ticket to the final game of World Cup in South Africa.
- Eat our tuna! And think about World Cup!
- Brazil 2 - Germany 0. Enroll in our MBA Program which has nothing to do with World Cup and South Africa yet we had to mention it!
- Wedding dresses are 50% off if when rented during June, because World Cup is happening and we "so" want you to get married.

Can you think of more ways to milk it? Yalla, join in :)


  1. I am enjoying it the most because i am not a soccer fan ! LOL great post

  2. Ma3 kill goal byitla3lak no2ta at Total station... jamme3 il no2at w rba7 jaweyezz kayyyime'!

  3. Tayib it is nice :)
    Lebanese people are funny
    and every one wants a share from this Worldcup,

    finally, i really really hated the Ad with Brazil 2 - Germany 0 this is nightmare :)

  4. Pakos, ma ana mishen heik I am pissed, if it was Germany 2 - Barzil 0 :P i would've love it *hahahah*

  5. I've never in my life seen anything like this! Great coverage!