Monday, April 19, 2010

Why don't we have hybrid cars in Lebanon?

What is Hybrid?
I paid (literally) a visit to the Lebanon Motor Show yesterday and saw only one hybrid car, the Toyota Prius (world's first hybrid car). While I was standing there I noticed that many persons who went there either thought it didn't have an engine or it is just a car that works on electricity. The word "Hybrid" by itself should be self-explanatory. Now I will not explain what a hybrid is, I will just tell you to JFGI (just f*ckin google it).

Hybrid seems to be a rare breed
Having hybrid cars running on the roads of Lebanon, should become a priority, and till today I never saw one hybrid car on our roads.

People like the Hybrid Car, but..
Consequently I asked a couple of persons who work there about the Prius and since when did we bring it to Lebanon, they answered: "Since 2 years". I was surely very surprised. Then I asked her: "Do people like it, how did you find the acceptance for such a car so far?", they replied that people really like it, they think it's a great car especially with the whole fuel consumption and eco-friendly nature.

I continued by asking the second most important question: "How much did it sell in these 2 last years?" They said: "Twenty!"

Only 20 in Lebanon
Twenty Toyota Prius were sold in Lebanon during the past 2 years, the only hybrid car in Lebanon as far as I know (we still don't have the Hybrid Honda)

It's not because it's Hybrid, it's because it's extremely expensive
So, the most important question directly flew out of my mouth and into their ears: "Why only 20?" They explained that the car costs 52'000$ without registration and taxes, so in total it would make it around 60'000$. He explained that people are waiting for the custom fees to decrease. In my opinion, they won't anytime soon.

We'll always be losers
But why doesn't the government do an exception ONLY FOR HYBRID CARS? Decrease the fees for the hybrid cars to encourage people buying it?

In the words of my friend: "Why would I pay so much for an ugly car? So what's if it's eco-friendly! My own carbon footprint won't make a difference"

So here you go, to make a difference it should be on a large scale, and that large scale can only controlled by the... civil war memorial/football players.. aka politicians.


  1. This car was first made in 1997, its a FUCK how Lebanese are lagging so much!

  2. We do have Hybrid Cars in Leb..Smart (TGF) carries Hybrid models

  3. There's an electric version of the car which we still don't have, as for the Smart for four, it has been converted into a plug-in hybrid, but I think only in the recent years.

    Thanks for pointing it out anyway. But not so sure about what hey mean by "plug-in" hybrid and if it is the same as hybrid. Will look into it.

  4. When we will have electricity 24/24 we will think about the Hibrid 2050 maybe!!!

  5. why we don't have hybrid cars in lebanon?

    لأن ما منحب الاختلاط

    **runs away laughing at its joke**

  6. Because the cool kids have V8's and V12's and every lebanese wants to be cool.

  7. From the MoF Budget Proposal for 2010

    Article 83: Hybrid cars are exempt at imports from custom duties and excises for a
    period of 3 years starting the publication of the law in the official gazette.

    Cool kids also condemn governments without googling.