Monday, April 12, 2010

Lebanese people tend to follow, and follow blindly. Even Online.

Clarification: When I said following, I meant the metaphorical meaning of it, and not the literal action in twitter itself. So keep that in mind while you read this post. Thanks.

 I've been thinking lately about the Lebanese mentality and social behavior. I won't talk about the social behavior we see on the streets, this time I'm taking the digital angle. Thing is, I've been on the look out lately and even had a piece of that cake myself. Know Twitter ( Well there is a whole Lebanese scene there and it's like a strong heartbeat.

There's nothing new about the fact that Lebanese people tend to  follow, and follow blindly. Of course, this characteristic exists probably everywhere in the world, this is anthropology 101, but, for  me, I will only focus on Lebanon and Lebanese and because I sense that we do have it inflicted in our brains a bit more than other peoples (with an s yes).

Consequently, what puzzled me the most is how often people follow the  image projected, and rarely the content, causes and consequences of that idea, in case it was really an idea. I am a bit disappointed to see the blind follow (hmm ironically twitter is all about following and being followed, but anyway). There is a kind of trust that exists, the blind trust which includes whatever and whenever a person says or does something, we follow, we don't question we immediately follow and we even recommend.

Well am not far from all of that of course, if I'm going to talk about  Lebanese, then I am included. I guess the being followed blindly part gives you that slight sense of fame, importance and satisfaction, but back to reality, I personally want to be questioned and criticized when it needs to. Not that some do of course, so let's not put all the eggs in the same basket.

Another thing is, sometimes you feel like you have something to say and comment on, you see a bug (I am a programmer, I do naturally). So for me, a bug can a blocking one or a functional one that will, in the
future, 'cause major problems, either because it was "faute de principe" or lack of looking beyond the nose.

Now my dilemma is, do I point it out? To be honest, I tend to do so with men more than women, no sexism intended, I am far from being sexist or a feminist, just plain logic here, I know for sure, women are more sensitive, should I finally decide to throw in my remark, I will be called "jealous". Men on the other hand take things (in general, not everyone, remember the eggs and basket story) a little more with an open mind.

Conclusion? I see annoying things that I am not being able to point out. Twitter is a reflection of our society, there is no light bulb above my head there, we all know it, we see it and we live it. But my point is, and I persist, does it have to a be an exact mirror? Shouldn't we be better in the points I mentioned above, you know, 'cause we're all there to make a difference in a way or another? A difference in how we think or perceive or in the society around us or people or ...

Just so I don't get called grumpy (are you still reading?), I will prepare another post about the benefits of twitter, and there is a lot of them there.

This is an article written by Pascal Assaf about twitter in Arabic, do check it out, it's a complete great guide for beginners


  1. Very Nice ARTICLE FUNKY!
    Hope you did not follow me Blindly :O)

  2. I dont think it matters if they follow blinfly or not, unless one is keeping count.. u know , u mentioned it before, for some having followers is a success somehow ... (not sure about that) . i think it is after the follow one should analyse... if one follows just to get a bit high on the stalking ladder , oh well then ... but if follow leads to interaction , then pff why not ??

  3. ah i meant following in a metaphorical way and not literal. Applauding, cheering, weeehaaa style. do this, ok we do it coz u said so, without even questioning.