Monday, March 08, 2010

You're a woman? Then March 8 is your day

International Women's Day (IWD)
I was thinking for the past 3 days on how to tackle the International Women's Day and link it to Lebanon.

Lebanese women married to foreigners to pass nationality to children
I thought about the whole fuss that's been going on about Lebanese women who marry foreigners but cannot pass the Lebanese nationality to their children, causing these women to really go through a lot of hassle because their children have lived in Lebanon all their lives but are not "Lebanese", which cause them a lot of big issues in education and work, even passing nationality for their children. Problem for Lebanon as usual is political, problem for them is the fact that many Lebanese women are married to Palestinians, and that is a whole story there.

It's Political in Lebanon
Thing is they're forgetting it's not about politics, it's about woman's right. I won't go on about this subject anymore, I'm sure it's obvious that I am pro passing nationality! I Will update you on the decision taken concerning this law as soon as it's out.

Researching first / shock later
Before I write anything I tend to look around a bit, read some articles, definitions, opinions and the like, that's healthy no? So, I started with Wikipedia's page on the subject, read a little bit, then hit CTRL + F (find) and typed Lebanon, there is not one mention of Lebanon. I was sad to see that even if Lebanon does not celebrate this day officially, it also doesn't not even do "unofficially".

My Message
I hate extremity, I hate the fact that in some countries IWD is used to discriminate against men, but I also hate that in some countries, people were killed while rallying for this day! In many other counties, women (this year's UN resolution for this day) are subject to violence, rape and displacement. So my encouragement goes to those people who are working hard on not forgetting about these women and help them overcome their agony. And my heart goes to all these women out there who are suffering for survival. These women deserve a chance.

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