Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day 2010 - What's it got to do with Lebanon

It's got a lot to do with Lebanon. First let me tell you that March 22, is World Water Day. And WWD 2010's theme is Clean Water for a Healthy World.

In few words, I can tell you that a huge amount of water is produced yearly, and a bit less of it is being waster and unused yearly especially in developing countries. We will be facing a huge problem with water soon, in a decade or two. And we're still not doing anything about it.

For instance, in Lebanon we could be benefiting from the water we get from the yearly quota of rain, yet all goes back to the ocean through the sewers and the streets. We can can reuse this water for energy and irrigation, especially that we have a serious energy and electricity problem in Lebanon, and moreover during summer we are facing shortage of water. Yet we await political decisions to be taken and I am not even sure they're sitting in anyone's drawer.

Right now we're still getting by with water, but we are really taking it for granted, and we will have a very big problem in the future, things will get messy, extremely expensive and it will get down to survival? Is this when we want to start assessing where we are? Or is not the right time?

Let's cross our fingers for the people in power to do something about it.
And that's something I wouldn't mind demonstrating about. We Lebanese
need to really set our priorities.>/p>

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