Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Carlos Slim is not really Lebanese

Richest Man according to Forbes for 2010
Certainly, every single Lebanese has now read or heard about the fact
that Lebanese descendant Carlos Slim Helu has topped the [1] magazine "Top 20 richest people" and took over the
number 1 billionaire chair!

Bill Gates no longer is #1, Slim is
After Bill Gates being the richest man on earth for 13 years, he didn't
make it to the #1 of that chart since 2008, and for the past 3 years, a
new man has been found as richest man, every year, for which this
year, it is Carlos Slim.

Lebanese like to claim everything
We, Lebanese, tend to brag and make a big fuss every time a Lebanese
makes it abroad. To appreciate Lebanese people who made
it is essential, it is important to give homage to those who got their start in Lebanon,
received Lebanon's support throughout their lives and finally made it, i.e. Elie
Saab and many others.

Carlos and his dad, depended on themselves only
But to come and claim pride and sense of accomplishment from Carlos
Slim is plain illogical in my opinion. We can't be proud as
Lebanese... with all due respect to every Lebanese out there. You see,
originally Carlos' dad [2], Julian, went to Mexico when he was only 14
(in 1902), and by 26 he was net worth 40$ million!

His dad and him, made it on their own. Carlos slim has lived all his
life in Mexico, I think he doesn't even know how to speak Arabic.

Great Businessman
Disclaimer: I definitely respect and admire this man for making a
fortune and making it to the Forbes list in the very recent years, moreover to
finally top it only after a couple of them, that's one hell of a
business man. Just read his bio!

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[2] Wikipedia:


  1. u have a point of view, but u know Lebanese people are disappointed with Lebanese in Lebanon, so now they look for those abroad no matter how far and illogically related they seem

    PS: adore ur writings

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  3. Ah, the Lebanese and all their psychological disorders and inferiority complexes. So what? A few Lebanese out of the millions that have emigrated since the late 1800 made it! This is reason to celebrate? Celebrate what exactly? Phoenician genetic superiority? Lebanese genius? He made it to the Forbes list!? Well, we have a prime minister with the IQ of a cucumber who made it to the Forbes list; big deal!

    1. It is always nice to see that a person of immigrant background made it abroad. Carlos Slim illustrates the successful second generation immigrant. In general, most Lebanese made it abroad and were successful, this finding is supported by recent research on immigration. And yes, Lebanese can celebrate and be proud that one of them made it abroad, why not?

  4. Carlos Slim is definitely old school. He’s of the tried and true “guerrilla billionaire” strategy: buy lots of businesses and either keep them for the cash flow or fix ‘em up and sell them. The goal is to make money off a lot of deals instead of a killing on just one.

  5. I think the most country that has people holdings its nationality and not living in it is Lebanon. these people if they had the chance to succeed in Lebanon, they would have done it. Like Carlos Slim, Mary Cury, Roy Lahoud ... and many others. We should be proud not because we are superior to others or Phoenician genetic or anything, because we have faith that is making us succeed anywhere. There is no Lebanese on earth who doesn't dream of coming back to Lebanon or visiting Lebanon. Maybe Carlos Slim doesn't care about Lebanon or Lebanese because he never knew Lebanon as we know it and love it as we love it. But his origin is from Lebanon. A man without history is a man without a future. Let’s start introducing him and making him learn about his history except than excluding him from his origin.

  6. "depended on themselves only" ??
    Guess who they consulted every time they were lost... Rimone!

  7. "Carlos Slim is definitely old school"

    Typical attitude from the 'smartest people on earth:'
    They pretend to know more than the others and like to lecture everyone... including the richest man on the planet!

  8. I have Egyptian roots (my last name is Fayoumi). If I become billionaire, will Egypt claim I'm one of the most successful Egyptian immigrants?

  9. Very very impressive personality....congratulation to hit the forbes top richest man..

  10. Very very impressive personality....congratulation to hit the forbes top richest man..