Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 18, the memorial and the beginning of oppression?

Two weeks ago, I had a discussion with fellow Lebanese folks on twitter, following the March18 campaign, which was born after an Iranian blogger "Omid Reza Mir Sayafi" died in prison on March 18, 2009. He's the first blogger to die in prison and hopefully the last. This was a campaign done to honor this blogger, and to stress on bloggers rights which fall under human rights and freedom of speech.

We were discussing how Lebanon doesn't impose oppression and censorship and how Lebanese bloggers have the ultimate freedom of expressing their opiniosn concerning anything that happens in Lebanon, considering we Lebanese have had a lot of juicy news in the past years.

Coincidentally, on March 18, 2010, Lebanese blogger and Journalist Khodor Salameh from the blog was called for investigation. Apparently, his post in which he gave advices to President Michel Suleiman, has called for further "measures".

In summary, he was demanded to either change his "tone", close down his blog, or write poetry. Regardless of whether I agree with the fellow blogger Khodor, all I can say is, I hope what was my pride two weeks ago, remains my pride and doesn't fall into the trap of a mindless, oppressive, unjust and illogical system.

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