Monday, February 22, 2010

Municipality elections don't make sense to me

There are times when a loyal citizen should state what bothers her in her own city. So there are the municipal elections coming soon (or maybe will be delayed for another 2 months), but my real problem with this electoral law (Daily Star), isn't changing the voting age from 21 to 18, and it isn't about dividing Beirut into 3 districts, it's merely, simply about being able to vote for the municipality where I live and now where I'm from.

I am from the North, but I rarely go there, I live in Matn, and I would like to vote for the municipality of the city I live in, why? Because I am sick and tired of the fact that we are affiliated with a certain municipality, who basically takes care of their own region, and ignore the rest of us.

One of the silly problems I would like to see tackled and I want to vote for someone qualified enough to do it, is the fact that we have few garbage containers where I live, the nearest one is 300 meters away. What about those shops who reserve the parking spot in front of them, not allowing us people who live there to park our cars, day and sometimes night.What about those huge pot-holes that keep breaking our cars? Cleanliness of the streets? Decorations on holidays? Recycling
garbage containers? The sense of feeling appreciated and respected as a citizen who pay their yearly "municipality" fee.

Lebanon needs a whole new system. We are not progressing, we are only regressing and quickly. And this is just plain sad and pathetic.

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  1. are you sure we don't vote where we live / pay municipal taxes?