Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did you know someone who died in a car accident?

You would think that wearing a seat belt while driving is NOT important. Well think again. I immediately put my seat belt one when I get in a car, and thankfully I did so or I would smashed my brains and jaw while being in the passenger's seat and the accident happened in a parking!

Kunhadi's continuous campaign for road safety (such as the latest found on our billboards about the importance of wearing a seat belt) is to respect and to carefully watch and understand. Their pain is big, and they're trying to prevent other parents from feeling the same.

By the way, check Kunhadi's website, it is nicely done and full of helpful information.

And don't leave this post before you watch this video, truly amazing.

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  1. Recently lost a friend in a car accident. Life is just too fragile.

    Nice video...