Friday, January 08, 2010

Park your own car, avoid giving it to a Valet

To be honest, for the last year I have been trying to park my own car and avoid giving it to a Valet. It's a bit silly giving your car to a Valet parking when you're going to an ordinary restaurant and even a coffee shop, moreover that place having a lot of parking spaces near it. I could understand if it's raining too much, or the region doesn't have parking spaces any place near, or it's a fancy shmancy club or restaurant, however and I've noticed, many restaurants and ordinary diners now take over these parking spaces, which are on the road, and which legally are not theirs and is for the public. I am hating this kind of dictatorship.

Last Sunday I went to Aunty Rosa, first time and last time! I saw a place near Seapros (the yachts shop), it was Sunday so it was closed, and I parked in front of it. At the end when I was leaving, the Aunty Rosa Valet, comes to ask for money! Can you believe this none sense? I parked my own car, near the street (it wasn't even a parking) and the dude came to take money.

My wish is, avoid giving your car to Valet Parking dudes, let's teach them a lesson. And avoid Aunty Rosa, in addition to having a thief as Valet Parking, their service sucked big time.

I shall bash every restaurant that does not have the same food quality and service and waiter behavior such as Roadster's and Il Siciliano.


  1. I totally agree with you! Wherever I go I usually do my best in order not to give my car to a valet.
    I'll try joining forces with you and maybe take photos of how those cafe/restaurants take over the streets and turn them as parking spaces, in addition to how bad they park the cars!

  2. Rami you're right, i forgot to mention they also bump the cars because they drive recklessly

    M(x9) SOAB??? c koi ca

  3. eh i always park my own car, it's not really bad to walk a bit :) and i always see how they drive your car, it's crazy!!

  4. This same thing happened to us once when we went to Saniour Antelias. We drove in the shopping center parking (far from the area where Saniour valets park) on our own, like big boys & girls. On our way out, the valet has the nerves to ask for money! We parked ON OUR OWN! In a PUBLIC PARKING! WTH??

  5. definitely getting ridiculous these valets!

  6. SOAB = Son Of A Bitch

    FYI (For Your Info) :)