Friday, January 08, 2010

No snow yet in Lebanon

By now, all ski resorts should be open, and ski lovers should be skiing, snowboarding, skidooing, any snow activity you can think of, they should be doing, and even have fashion shows and competitions . Yet, there is barely some snow in Arz (Cedars) and Sannine and a couple of other high mountains, of which only their summits is covered.

Faraya ski resort is still not open. Most Faraya residents rely heavily on the winter season to draw their income. Last year was one of the worst years (I even joked that Lebanese will start skiing in Dubai), as there was a bit of snow during January, but at least all major ski resorts were open. However winter 2009-2010 is worse than 2008.

Comparison of Faraya ski resort taken from between 9 Jan 2008 and 9 Jan 2009.

Could we be heading to desertification? Climate change experts warned of this some time ago. They warned of many things, but because of our imperialist / capitalist forces out there, the December 2009 Copenhagen negotiations led nowhere.

According to BBC News, many airports in Europe such as UK, France and Dublin's closed because of the icy weather. In other countries such as Sweden, Poland, Germany and others many people have been reported dead due to the very cold weather, they froze to death, most of them are homeless. Crazy traffic jams were caused, bus services decreased and trains halted because snow powder entered under the hood, and some engine oils were frozen.

The current big chill is a result of high pressure over the polar region, which has pushed cold air out of the Arctic towards much of northern Europe, parts of Asia and the US. Winds from the north and north east, rather than the south and south west, have brought freezing temperatures to the UK.

However the temperature degree in some parts of world decreased compared to the last 30 years, others are warmer, such as Alaska, northern Canada and the Mediterranean.

As they say, God Save Us all. We are heading to the worst. And our chances were blown less than a month ago for actually doing something about it.


  1. True, it is really sad! but from a silly and childish point of view, I would have prefered that Lebanon will get some of that big chill that Europe and Asia are getting!
    I mean we are just between these 2, why we are not getting any???