Monday, January 18, 2010


Last Tuesday an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit Haiti (source Yahoo! News), leaving tens of thousands of people either dead (source BBC News), missing, severely injured and homeless.

I am sad to express this though following this unfortunate disaster, yet when something like that happens, I am happy to see many ordinary yet extraordinary people who leave everything, pack light, get on the first plane and go to the region that was damaged by such a disaster to offer their aid, you can read here (source BBC News) the diary of some aid workers during their stay in Haiti.

So this post is to send our prayers and hopes for a better tomorrow for those who are still alive in Haiti, and to send our thanks and amazing appreciation for those people who went to Haiti to help find the missing, create volatile hospitals, medicate the injured and offer food and shelter to the homeless who lost everything.

One final wish is to see Lebanon do something about it. Maybe they did and I am not aware of, if they did please let me know, if not, let's hope they do something soon.

Click here for ways to send relief to Haiti.

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