Monday, January 25, 2010

Ethiopian plane leaving Beirut Airport crashes

Around 2:30 am the morning of 25 January, an Ethiopian plane that just left Beirut Airport, crashed in the sea close to the southern Lebanese shore, the plane carried 90 passengers of which 53 were Lebanese.

Some eye witnesses say the cause of this plane crash is because a lightning hit the plane which led it to be on fire and fall into the sea.

The Lebanese navy and the UNIFIL are searching but the weather conditions are making it hard on them. Until now there is no word of survivors. Some bodies have been found.

Very sad news this morning, hope some survivors are found.

Prime minister Hariri just declared today as an national day of mourning.

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  • The parties involved in the rescue mission are the Lebanese army, navy and forces, the civil defense, UNIFIL (which includes several countries) and an American fleet which should arrive soon.
  • The number of deceased people (total of bodies that arrived to the national hospital) is 20.
  • The rescue mission continues at night, the total time for the rescue to take place will be for 72 hours. 
  • There was a problem identifying the bodies, which led them to rely on DNA tests, asking parents of the ET409 passengers to go to the hospital and do the DNA tests.
  • A special hotline was put for the parents of the deceased / missing so far, and it is: 03-737475
  • The reason behind the crash is still unknown, knowing that last known plane crash due to lightning was in 1967. The Ethiopian airlines is known to be of the best airlines in Africa. Terrorism or sabotage is unlikely. For now, the pilot has been sort of blamed, saying he had the full freedom to halt this flight.
  • I personally think it's too soon to speculate anything. Hope for survivors is dim, but look at Haiti as Minister of Defense Elias El Murr pointed, some survivors have been found after 11 days.
Condolences to the families in Lebanon and Ethiopia for the passengers who were on ET409.


  1. well its a traggic day in lebanon ... its the first time we face something so shocking like this here in leb ... we hope that the searching crew will find some survivors ... and for the rest may their souls rest in peace :( ... and my condolences for the parents of those who died ...

  2. this is so sad....i feel so bad for the families who lost a loved one.

  3. This is really hard to digest news.I learned about this coming across this article.It almost more than two months passed since this tragedy,are there any survivors left?
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