Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fun(d) Raising Newest Event: Who does not like cookies?

The Fun(d) raising project is going really well, 2 events occurred so far, the Bowling at Link and the Wordpress tutoring at Rootspace.

The next event will be in Edde Yard - Jbeil on Sunday December 27th, and it is about making cookies yourself, DYI, funnest concept ever, and this is thanks to the famous online tweeple Cooki3man, who well... basically makes & sells cookies, but not in the conventional way! More about him here.

Anyway, meanwhile, with the toys collected from these events and direct door to door (or car to car) toy transfer, and the money made during the events which led us to buy toys, so far these toys have been donated to 2 associations, Mourouj Al Mahabba and ACSAUVEL.

Moreover you can read Global Voices post on Fun(d) Raising here.

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  1. That's amazing..third event is ready :)
    Sorry I missed it in the GV Post (submitted it couple of days ago and the third one wasn't officially announced yet)