Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fast but Cautious, with Abdo Feghaly & Yasa

Even though the event will take place in half an hour in ESIB campus Mar Roukoz, I still think it's important to mention it here. It is a great endeavor done by the infamous Abdo Feghali, who won several rallies, and also by YASA. Today Abdo Feghali will talk about his experience and the importance of responsible driving.

And to make all those speed enthusiasts happy, he will perform a breath-taking drifting show.

Remember this event is by YASA, so it is there to discourage reckless driving and irresponsible speeding.

Note that all car racers tell us that their cars are especially equipped for speeding and drifting, their car is better handled than our own modest cars, so let us not try to attempt the same thing in our own cars.

Can you name one person who doesn't know at least one other person that died in a car accident?

Drive safely.

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