Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Books and Arabic and Signings and Guiness...

Beirut Arab and International Book Fair 53
Another event following Beirut being the world capital of book for 2009, the Beirut Arab and International Book Fair 53 opened on the 11th of December and it will be there until the 24th of December in BIEL - Downtown Beirut.

Biggest Book in the World
I visited the book fair yesterday for about two hours, there are so many exhibitors and publisher houses down there, the exhibition is huge. Speaking of huge, the biggest book that has recently entered the guiness book of records is also available there, it's 3.85m wide and 2.77 m long, weighs 1060kg. It's a photography book, "Beirut's Memory" that compares Beirut before and Beirut now by Ayman Trawi.

Abu Salim's new book
While checking one stand after the other, I saw the famous "Abu Salim" signing his new book Ayyam Min Zakirati (Days of my memory)

Book Bazar
And the story is only beginning, I visited Book Bazar and saw national geographic magazine that were printed in 1960! I bought myself 3 copies, they're 40 years old. We also visited several other book bazar kind of libraries, and some books value is equivalent to gold because they're ancient and they just look like they came out of national treasure movie.

Dar Onboz
I also saw a stand full of extremely creative drawings, comics, books, shapes, photographs, etc... it's called Dar Onboz. You can check their website here www.daronboz.com, the person behind this is Nadine Touma, she is available at the stand. Dar Onboz, simply put, is here to promote the Arabic language using creativity.

Glad to see many artists having more opportunities to showcase their work. Let's hope we'll see a whole exhibition in Lebanon made for artists of all kinds.

Don't forget to visit it, of course Arabic books are ubiquitous, but it's not exclusive to Arabic only, there are many books in many other languages.

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