Thursday, December 24, 2009

10 tips to be in the Christmas Spirit

10 tips to be in the Christmas Spirit, in both worlds, virtual and real:



1- Write a blog post about it (like this right here)
2- Choose a cheesy (and winy :P) Christmas postcard and tag people in them on facebook, such as Maya Zankoul indicated here
3- Send SMS text messages, there are ready texts out there such as "May Santa Visit you when you're sleeping in your flowery boxer and put a gift on your head!"
4- Send an e-greeting card, make sure they're animated, static cards are so 2001!
5- Set a Christmas ringtone on your mobile (such as "Last Christmas" for George Michael, it is all about Christmas you see!)
6- Set a Christmas background on your mobile, pc and/or laptop
7- Visit a mall during the prior week to Christmas and until Christmas eve at least twice!
8- Get stuck in traffic preferably near a Christmas decoration, if there is no decoration nearby, make sure you tune your radio on, maybe Lady Gaga's new "precious" Christmas song is playing!
9- Throw in a picture or two of Santa's hat here and there (refer to beginning of post), or better yet, buy 4 for 2'000LL and put them on your car seats' head-rests.
10- Last but not least, spend spend spend!!!!!!!!!!!! and spend even more!

Merry Christmas fellow readers, may it bring health and happiness upon you and your loved ones!