Sunday, November 15, 2009

My response to that catholic school

Some catholic school sent the above flyer to parents, in a nutshell they warned parents that there will be a concert where gothic people (who have the culture of death) will lure kids in to some satanic rituals and give them drugs, and they wondered, why aren't there any cameras allowed? What are they trying to hide? So here is my answer below!

That's definitely an old subject being opened up, I don't remember the exact year, but I know it was mid 90s to the beginning years of 2000 where the music Rock and Metal were considered Satanic and everyone who likes this music worships Satan and many got arrested for having long hair and an earring in their nose.

Well I used to listen to metal and heavy/hard rock music a lot in my early 20s and I have never worshiped Satan, he doesn't exist you see, him and his stupid red horns.

Drugs and cults exist everywhere irregardless whether their members like rock or samba, if they do, it's mere coincidence, but it's not an equivalence formula, because most people who like rock and metal music just like music for what it is and are not a part or members of any satanic cults.

I used to attend so many rock concerts in Lebanon, and today I was at the mentioned concert where 4 bands in total played, 2 of them were local bands, moreover there was To Die For and Anathema (the latter is a great band which I really like), and the reason why they said no cams, wasn't because we were all going to do a big circle and chant to Satan, it was simply a marketing thing and the organizers probably wanted exclusivity on the photos. BUT TO YOUR SURPRISE there was at least 500 cameras down there, why don't you go ahead and check the videos, you will see there was nothing harmful there, just people happy and singing along and jumping!

If by any chance a group of people did any drugs, it's (I believe) their parents problems and responsibility, plus no one was forcing anything there.

I am sick and tired of catholic school's war on this music, if you're afraid a kid might be drawn into drugs, alcohol and into a cult, well I suggest you check his or her family's situation, how their parents are raising them, and see what the real problem is that caused this kid to be so susceptible and fragile. Let's not blame rock and let's see what really causes some kids to become suicidal or confused or looking like a Gothic (which is really trust me on this, just a fashion look for most of them). Also note that a screwed up kid will not resist temptation in the bathroom of his own school, so will you not send him to school either? Or will you see what his problem is and fix it and not throw blame on other things?

And guess what, the concert was amazing, Anathema rocked the stage and no one offered me drug or told me to dance wouha wouha to Satan!

Updated: Here's an excellent post about the matter from the fellow blogger Tony. "Cultural Segregation"
And here us L'Orient-Le jour's article on the matter: "Le Centre catholique d’information au service de la censure"


  1. ahhhh, really nice! i feel like i am living in the 14th century, where they burnt witches on stakes and checked the young boys' hands for hair to see if he was masturbating..

    Come on!! this is really stupid! why would anyone deter others from doing anything they want? and so what if they are "worshiping" satan.. isn't that the right of religion and right of freedom?

    my guess is that the organizer of the "Beirut Rock Festival" is the school's principal arch nemesis.. Makes sense!!!

  2. right of religion? right of freedom? in Lebanon? Zuz, it's Lebanon! it's a pseudo democracy where the religious figures and politicians control the people and not the other way around!

    Great post Liliane!

  3. The No Camera's ban was apparently just for Peter Murphy not for the rest. Or so I have heard.

  4. Its quite sad and pathetic. But what do you expect from the "black army". I have a number of issues to bring up with catholic schools but I rather leave it with what you had said. Well done. We'll save the big guns for later ;)

  5. hehe yeah just had to get it off my chest, but you're welcome to vent here why not!

  6. Stupid Dimwits thinking that they are doing good.
    Seriously worshiping satan? SATAN? the same guy who has a fork just like the MC donalds' and is redfaced like the guy in cow and chicken and Samurai Jack? Oh oh! Doesn't the bible say that he is the most ''Handsome'' angel?
    Does anyone believe in ''SATAN'' still?
    History repeats itself, back in the mid-centuries when gothic art introduced villagers ''VILLAGERS'' started killing them they too had no clue what was going on and THEY TOO were IGNORANT.
    SO let me get this straight, acting incivil, horning endlessly, perverted taxi drivers, black holes in the streets, no electricty-no road signals, major thefts and uncontrollable thieves and mafias in villages where even the army cannot interfere, poverty, hunger, major major tainted decisions and Law penetrations and their thinking earrings? seriously? SERIOUSLY? so poeple who wear earrings are now a threat? are you freakin' kidding me?

  7. Ignorance is bliss!
    HOW BLISSfull CAN they get?