Sunday, November 22, 2009

إلى الأمام سر

People ask me over and over again why I stay in Lebanon, especially that I do have the opportunity of leaving this country and living abroad, my answer was revealed to me today and it's so simple and straight to the point.

What's better than being part of a country that is getting on its feet, being developed and making something of itself. I want to remain a part of this. I don't want to leave and wait for others to fix and then come back and reclaim victory. I want to assist with this path of my country growing up and growing.

Happy 66th Independence Day.


  1. people doesn’t understand the benefit of leaving in a place where you are not called a foreigner

  2. i understand.....

    ...but father started the trend in my family. he left as a young man...
    i moved back to Lebanon for him. unfortunatly in 2006...even though it was a short disruption....i couldnt handle it.
    i think that those of us not raised in Lebanon...its hard to accept some things that happen.

  3. you were not born in Lebanon angie, so akid it would be hard for you to adapt to living here. so don't feel guilt or anything :)

  4. mmm, I really need to come back...
    Great post!