Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ali Sabat on Deathrow for "Witchcraft" in Saudi Arabia

The cassation court in Mecca should overturn the death sentence imposed on Ali Sabat by a lower court in Medina on November 9 for practicing witchcraft, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch called on the Saudi government to cease its increasing use of charges of "witchcraft" which remains vaguely defined and arbitrarily used.

You can continue reading the article here. I only heard about this unbelievable story a couple of days ago at work, and I immediately thought that the Lebanese government is surely working on releasing Ali Sabat. However after reading the article, we can notice that there is no mention of the Lebanese government wanting to negotiate releasing Sabat, as a matter of fact there is no mention of it at all.

I don't understand, aren't they supposed to do something? Especially that the crime is for one, silly, for two, not even legally defined.

The official confirmed that no legal definition exists and could not clarify what evidence has probative value in witchcraft trials.

I will try to check more sources on the subject and update this post.

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