Friday, October 09, 2009

Lebanon's Armenians reject accord with Turkey

Lebanese Armenians and Armenians who live outside Armenia weren't kicked out of their homeland, in fact they have escaped the massacres that the Ottoman empire led back then in order to terminate this people. They are here now, 95 years later demanding Turkey to admit this fact and they're not. On a recent note, Sarkissian the current president of Armenia is going to sign an accord with Turkey, and this event is being opposed by the Lebanese Armenians.
"Sarkisian was not received well," concurred Lebanon's Tashnag-party representative Alice Boghossian


"The massacres were an attempt to wipe out [our people]. My grandfather and grandmother were killed there. If they were still alive Armenia would still be my homeland," said Tashnag's Boghossian.

"The diaspora is a result of Turkey's policies and therefore [Sarkisian] has a commitment to the millions of Armenians living abroad."

Armenian political parties want the Ottoman mas­sacres to be officially referred to as genocide, a term Turkey refutes


"Armenia used to cover 300,000 square kilometers, now it is only 30,000.


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