Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lebanon's mixed marriages - Not at home

While I was checking the 5th September issue of The Economist, I found this article about mixed marriages and how it calls the couples to actually travel abroad to get a civil marriage. It was Nayla Tueni's marriage to Maktabi that caused this article to be written in a magazine such as The Economist, but who's complaining? Yes, my cousin went to Cyprus to tie the knot, so did my brother, a colleague of mine, another friend of mine, and the list goes on...

We are still calling for Civil Marriage in Lebanon, there is actually a group of people who are working on this matter, I will get some updates on their whereabouts and tell you about them.

To read the article you can click here.

I had written a couple of posts before on this subject, you can check them here. And my famous article here "Civil Marriage, why not?" which I can say tops Google.com search for keywords "civil marriage Lebanon" as rank #1

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