Monday, September 28, 2009

Il Siciliano Restaurante, my take

Due to a happy occasion last Sunday, I had the pleasure of having lunch in Il Siciliano, Abdel Wahab El Inglizi St, Ashrafieh (view map, tel: 00961 1324 001, 00961 1324 003), and luckily just one day before I start my diet, I can give you my amateur opinion on this restaurant and tell you that it is definitely a wonderful experience from the minute you walk in until the minute you leave.

We were greeted with a welcome shot at the restaurant salon in the ground floor, afterward we went up to the restaurant, women greeted as Ladies and men as Sirs, makes you feel good to be honest, asked which kind of wine we would like to drink, and what the main course is going to be... In a nutshell the service was very classy, they appear as if they really know what they are doing, and I think it is because they do know.

After the first course, the salad, came the pasta, and that is the most important part of this review, there were two kinds, very nicely put together, the plate looked swelling.

It contained tortellini with white sauce and penne with tomato sauce, I usually go towards the white sauce, but for the first time in my life, I enjoyed the penne with tomato sauce so much I did not want that plate to end. I have eaten in many Italian restaurants based in Lebanon, and Par Excellence, in Il Siciliano lays the best pasta I have ever had.

The main course I chose was grilled chicken, it was not bad at all, but being a pasta fan, this is where all my focus went.

And all this eating was accompanied by the music of the giant tenor singer Andrea Boccelli, definitely puts you in a relaxing mood.

After a while, a fast-paced music came on, and the chef gave us a really interesting show for 2 minutes approximately. It gave the ambiance a really nice touch.

We were invited so I can't tell you the exact pricing, however from what I have been told and what I saw, it is not a modest restaurant and it does require a certain budget, so be prepared, this is not Mezzo - Cinema City.

The restaurant looked very neat. I personally am a fan of decor and the bathroom's as well, and it had this old feel for it, moreover I loved the fact that there were many towels in a small wooden open closet, you pick one which you can dispose right after use.

To complement such a culinary experience, there comes the dessert, a fruit salad with an Italian scoop of sorbet, mine was Lemon, and it was a treat!

For next time, I will surely try the pizza, and yes there definitely is a next time.

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