Friday, September 11, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of rockets

The weather in has been cloudy during the past couple of days, and we've been all wondering what these clouds are going to bring, is it a new government? Probably not as Ex-designated prime minister Saad Hariri has quit trying to form a government, be it of unity or anything else.

On the other side of the country, this afternoon 3 rockets were fired from Kleile village (Tyr) towards Israel, and only minutes later Israel has responded.

Words on the virtual street (twitter) say there is a possibility of an up-coming war. However this is not only the result of what happened today in the skies of South Lebanon, but a dish that has been in the process of cooking for a while now, Sheikh Nasrallah says something here, Israel responds with more sever words, and so on.

Lebanese people may joke about it and say: "At least the summer is over, tourists have left, the economy better, what better time for war then now!" But deep inside every Lebanese is scared from another war. I personally am not looking forward for another one. The first thoughts on our minds are the checklist that every Lebanese resident has memorized for ever and it's about storing food, filling up the cars with gaz, saving money, withdrawing as much cash as you can...

Most probably nothing will happen this weekend, nothing will happen before Ramadan month is over at least. However all this makes you wonder, why do rockets get fired from South Lebanon from time to time?

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