Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prevention from H1N1 in Lebanon

H1N1 in Lebanon has already spread among 162 people, according to Daily Star's recent article on how getting tested for swine flu being a true hard project.

As already declared by WHO, swine flu or H1N1 does not kill, and most people who have died from swine flu already, have already underlying health problems, such as the most recent 1 death case in Lebanon, where the deceased already had cancer. WHO also explained that many people who had H1N1 did not even need to check with a hospital, and they get better on their own.

Lebanon has declared the following concerning who will be qualified to receive the vaccination against the H1N1:
- Those already having H1N1, especially those with sever symptoms, such as vomiting, ...
- Patients with chronic illnesses such as cancer, asthma, ...
- Kids under 3 years of age
- Pregnant women
- People who work in day care and preschool

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