Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The new Extra commercial

I was listening to the radio when the Extra commercial came on. The
Extra commercial has had the same generic theme since maybe 10 years,
they just change the lyrics according to the current social/political

Recently, when Nabih Berri was voted President of the Lebanese
parliament for the 5th time, some people celebrated by shooting into
the air, 2 persons were wounded. Unfortunately for us some people in
Lebanon have the habit of celebrating by shooting guns into the air.

Anyway, in the song, it is mentioned in the lyrics that when the new
Prime Minister is chosen, not to celebrate by shooting guns in the
air, because, as it was said in the song: "I did the month and
calculated that if I shoot a bullet into the air, it is bound to fall,
and it might fall on me", so he continued by advising people to use
fireworks instead, they're more cheap, fun, colorful (mentioned all
the colors of the political parties in Lebanon, aka rainbow).

So, yes, even a juice commercial wants a part in politics, but it's
fine, I liked it, it can be heard by many, and perhaps (apparently law
isn't stopping people) it can stop people from celebrating in this


  1. I also liked the new lyrics for the ad, it's a new innovative way of being socially responsible. Too bad their juice is not as good as their ads!

  2. i started buying their juice to support them just b/c of the ad!! it's great!!

  3. lol Anonymous! not a bad idea actually