Friday, July 03, 2009

The blindness of some Lebanese people

It's impressive how much would a person who likes a certain political party blind himself or come up with excuses and explanations just to justify their wrongfully executed actions or speeches.

People being upset of what happened with Gad Elmaleh, and not mentioning the poor women who died on her balcony in last week's clashes in Aisha Bakkar in Beirut doesn't make those people insensitive bastards and doesn't diminish demanding democracy or not impacting the image of Lebanon.

Those two acts are completely different things. Some people take things a bit too far sometimes, say Facebook and the silly groups thinking that things like that would make a difference.

But the truth remains the same, the media "Al Manar" allowed false information to be broadcasted influencing people negatively and leading for the artist to cancel. For every action there is a reaction, and for every consequence there is a cause.

On another note, if Gad Elmaleh was in IDF or a sympathizer with IDF and Israel, I would be the first to call to kick him out of here. The dude is just a comedian.

P.S. Freedom of speech is not "spreading false information that hurt other parties".

It's important to be open minded and smart, and not a sheep (in both ways, following a good or a bad example) , thinking before you act.


  1. Sorry to upset you Liliane, but Gad Elmaleh is a supporter of Israel and the IDF. He did not serve in the Israeli army, but has expressed his support for it on numerous occasions. Take a couple of minutes to google his name and you'll find a couple of links to confirm that. You can equally check the archives of Tribune Juive (2008).
    So the conditions you have set for declaring him persona non grata in Lebanon are met.
    I personally hold a different view (I've expressed it quite lengthly on my blog): I believe he should have come.

  2. I read an article but the video wasn't available, it was linked from Al Manar website itself. I did google actually, but didn't find much, I had some time constraint.

    Nevertheless, if anything, Al Manar could've said he's a supporter etc.. but didn't have to ridicule it by putting a picture of someone else in the Israeli army. Second, is he really the first artist to come to Lebanon after being in Israel or thanking Israel, or talking in a good way about Israel? He's not. Moreover, talk business men who are arabs, who we work with and who are investors in Israel.

    The question remains, why Gad El Maleh, why now?

    And finally, the dude is funny... that they won't be able to change my mind about :)