Friday, July 10, 2009

ANAdiva campaign

ANAdiva (ANA = me in arabic), the alternative role model

For more details check this website and download the
competition brief, in a nutshell it is a campaign involving:
. Influence of Media on Women
. Globalization and its effects
. Plastic Surgery
. Art and Design

This campaign is driven by an identified social need to change
behaviors and perspectives. It aims originally at Lebanese women but
will expand to reach others as well. It aims to celebrate uniqueness,
individuality and fight back the "look alikes" females created in our

Be part of this campaign and join the competition!
This competition allows each individual to visualize his/her "ideal" woman.
The deadline for the competition is 10th of August 2009.
This campaign will be promoted on OTV.


  1. I think Arab women need this more than Lebanese Women. Lebanese women are known to be very outspoken and hold well established and respectable positions in the retail sector among other sectors as well. As in Ad agencies.

    But, courage! nonetheless.

  2. well I agree with you, nevertheless in general and in Lebanon in particular the image of the ideal woman is sort of becoming the same, and individuality and uniqueness is decreasing.. so such a campaign is not a bad idea at all