Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ode to Democracy and Respect of the other person's life

We can proudly talk about democracy in this country. Every where in
the world, after the elections, the winners win, and the losers
acknowledge the winners win. But not in Lebanon, they keep analyzing,
they keep bringing up numbers, they keep saying they won.

This was the parliament elections, members of the parliament were
elected. The Lebanese people voted for them. Khalas, we stop at this
point and continue from the next? These members of the parliament
which the Lebanese people elected now represent them, so now move your
demands and inquiries and requests to those members so they can talk
about them in the parliament.

But the best part of these elections are, how the individuals deal
with certain cases. On the elections day, June 7, 2009, Maya Keyrouz
was attacked by 2 cars having Hezbollah flags displayed from their
windows. Her car was tailed by one and put in siege by another, they
shot at her, and apparently the hood of her car was on fire, leading
her body and face to burn. Maya Keyrouz is in her 20, who had a
picture of leader (from 14 March) in her car. Her car was found thrown
on the side of the highway, between trees. She risks having her leg
removed because of the severity of her burn wounds.

Political party leaders, as you sow, so you shall reap. You build
hatred, disrespect and xenophobia in your followers heart, look what
they did, look what happened to them.


  1. Poor girl :S hope she gets well soon. I like your last paragraph.

  2. donno what happened to her, cant find anything on the web