Monday, June 29, 2009

Are we vindictive? Why isn't Gad El Maleh coming anymore?

Another absurd action takes place in this country, apparently Al Manar TV ran a footage about Gal El Maleh spreading several rumors about the guy and stating a couple of facts that in their opinion count as an obstacle or as an eliminator for someone to come to Lebanon, such as his religion. We have Jews in Lebanon, so what if he's a Jew? And the guy was not enrolled in the Israeli army at any point in his life. Anyway check to see his manager's statement and Beiteddine's declaration.

For now, Gad El Maleh no longer wants to come to Lebanon for security and his personal safety reasons, but I believe it is not completely canceled, perhaps they will reach a certain deal. 3 sold-out shows in mid-July, fingers crossed. Because if it doesn't work out, this is another black point in Lebanon's history.

How can we ever become a respectful country if we will keep having a group who is so vindictive that they would also hurt themselves along the way.


  1. Some people in Lebanon (al manar wink wink) have a serious issue in their head.

  2. Gregory ma khtalafna :P

    Serpico no you can say al manar *coughs* have *coughs* something in their *coughs* head

  3. I am ashamed of Al Manar. Everytime we get on our feet, some rascal plan is being brewed.

    They know, as much as anyone else, that Gad was Not in the IDF (why would he, even Israelis are dying to evade it), and that it is purely a political statement!

    It is down to one reason! Either they've been fooled by a tipster and they fell for it, or is it because he's Jewish. Either way, I am embarrassed by Al Manar!

  4. Or maybe it's because he openly supports an army that has tried (repeatedly) to kill more than half of the country.

    Maybe he shouldn't feel welcome here.