Monday, May 04, 2009

Swine flu or Fine flu?

I have been reading about this fine flu for quite some time, trying to stay updated and see if it's going pandemic or not. Make sure that my visit to the US in 2 weeks won't get me sick, and when I return I won't be contagious and end up infecting all of my colleagues at work, my family and friends!
Yes! I am exagerating. Anyway, I was reading some people's comments, and some of them are just funny, and pretty logical. Here are some quotes below, and this is the link to the page.

I think they should change "swine flu" to just "flu", it seems no worse than seasonal flu.
Dale, Swansea

Don't avoid it. Catch it. It is a weak flu (all flu's kill, but this one not many) and it might give you immunity to a deadlier H1N1 that is yet to come.
Glen, Seattle/United States 

...and yet again the WHO and media outlets try to create massive profits for the pharmaceutical industries by adding fuel to a minute out break of flu. Please get this in perspective and desist from creating unnecessary panic.
Mike Cook, Vancouver Canada 

So, instead of criticising the media and the governments for informing the public and taking preventive measures against such a potential threat to human lives, maybe we should be glad that there is enough transparency in the media and that politicians are willing to take action for our health first - not always for the health of the economy.
Raphie, London, UK 

What do you think? Are they blowing things out of proportion, are the steps that WHO is taking necessary and preventive, and is the media talking about it more than it deserves?


  1. In Canada/USA the cases are mild, so no need to worry about it for now. Plus, the comments about it being like a regular flu are true, since the regular flu has similar number of yearly deaths related to it. But I believe, in all cases, they should be talking about it and give it some kind of importance even if the cases are mild, because if it mutates, then we could be at least prepared.

  2. seriously, mkabrina aktar ma btissstahal

  3. Is it blown out of proportion? Compare:

    Globally every year there are 1 million deaths caused by Malaria. Where is the press on that?

    Malaria and tuberculosis together kill nearly as many people each year as AIDS.

    This whole swine fly hysteria sounds strangely similar to efforts to thwart the deadly Avian Flu pandemic of 2005. See