Friday, May 08, 2009

Laws for Mobilette?!?!?!

I would vote if the candidate decides to include the following point
in his/her electoral program:

Apply traffic and driving laws on Mobilettes* just like any other vehicles.

To people who drive mobilettes:
1- you are neither invisible nor above the law
2- you drive the wrong way in one way streets
3- you suddenly decide to jump from right to left
4- you suddenly appear on our right or left (we cannot see you in our mirrors)
5- you drive so close to the cars and decide to double us on a 10 cm
6- Stop at the traffic lights

I almost hit a Mobilette the last day, while he suddenly decided to go
all the way from the right to the left and not diagonally, but instead
he made a 90 degrees turn... It was either hitting him and killing
him, or hitting a car coming towards me, but luckily I dodged both!

And the funny thing would've been him probably dead, me crazy because
I would feel horrible for killing a person, and probably in jail
(making female buddies), losing my job, losing integrity to ever find
another job (that is if I remained sane)

So candidates, can you please start working on including points in
your electoral problems that really have to do with REAL problems in
Lebanon such as this one? If you like, I have many others to tell you

*Mobilette is what we refer to Scooters in Lebanon.


  1. You spoke my mind Liliane. I feel sick of those bags of sh*t roaming the streets with their scooters.
    I will not feel sorry if I hit one of them someday, I will happily continue driving because it's ALWAYS their fault.

    Concerning overtaking, I never leave space for them to overtake, I keep going left and right to make them feel like hell. Call me la2eem, but I just hate them and I hope they vanish one day.

  2. lol Liliane... enteh sireh na2ziyon hekeh bisiro ykhafo y2arrbo 3leikeh