Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sara.. will you marry me? Cedric.

While driving on the highway towards Antelias from Jal el Dib, just near Antelias bridge on the left, this huge billboard (a bit blurry) caught my eyes (and the eyes of all Lebanese who drove by there).

The billboard says: "Sara... will you marry me?" signed "Cédric."

I thought we only see that kinda proposals in the movies, it is so creative and cute. I am not sure if it's gonna end up being an ad for something, but if it's a true proposal, it's very nice and Cédric, Kudos for you!

So Sara, did you say yes?


  1. Last year another "billboard" proposal took place and when the lady answered YES it was added on to the billboard.

  2. Liliane, the question might be silly, but...
    why do the sign written in English and not Arabic? does English a common language in Lebanon as Arabic?

  3. that is a very good question SP.

    Well in Lebanon there is a large portion of people who communicate in French, and another who communicate in English.

    For example, a lot of parents, speak in French or English with their 1 year old children, many kids grow to speak English of French (depending on the educational background of the parent) better than the Arabic itself.

    So well about these Sara and Cedric, am guessing they communicate together in English.

    You can actually notice on the Lebanese blogosphere, that most Lebanese blogs are in English, look at mine.

    But you know.. it would sound better in Lebanese, at least for me :)

  4. hehe thats a nice way to propose! but shouldnt the arabic be the language!???

  5. Ahhhh just as my first instinct felt... it IS an ad for sleep comfort!!! I will try to take a picture of it soon and post it.

  6. ewwww what a romantic guy!
    oh good to know that romantic arab guys still exist in life!