Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sara & Cedric - The True Story

Well a fellow blogger <>took the
picture of the sequel of this
I posted about some time ago, luckily I did refer slightly that it
might be an ad, so am not a complete fool!

It turned out to be a Sleep Comfort Ad, the first was just a teaser. At
first I thought I was really reading the response of the woman, but then I
read Sleep Comfort.

Well, as an ad it was extremely successful. But I was sort of disapointed.
Even though, and for the record, I personally wouldn't want to be proposed
to in that manner, nor in those planes that carry a long sheet written all
over it, or on TV, or in a restaurant! *wink*

Picture courtesy of this


  1. I am lost. You still blog here hehe!

    Well, wish men like that really existed. Seems like it's a big NO.

  2. keep the hope posh lol
    AAS, inta wa7dak 7taret :P ma fi shi bi 7ayyir