Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mobile industry in Lebanon is scamming us

Some colleagues of mine did some calculations, and for now they did so on Alfa prepaid cards. They used to buy a card for 48$ giving them 180units, and a unit is 40 seconds, so basically 180units is 120min. Now alfa is selling cards for 25$, but in reality the person gets 22.73$, and now 1 min is 1 min, so basically the minute is now 0.39cents, and they get 63 minutes per 25$, meaning 126 minutes per 50 dollars :)

Can anyone tell me where is the reduction? Yes I get there is now a cheaper card for those who barely touch their cellular phones, but what else?

I think the reduction is most helpful for postpaid. Has anyone done the calculations for MTC?

On that note, can they start working on improving the reception, because it has become really annoying lately.


  1. This sector should be privatized ASAP, otherwise it will remain undeveloped and monopolized.
    I know about the state of the cell phone infrastructure in lebanon and its like the stone age of cell phone technology. There will be an expansion very soon so hopefully the coverage and the quality of service will be somehow improved.

    And about the no significant reduction tell that to the telecom minister who portrays that he made a great achievement( for electoral purposes for sure) and for the finance minister and the political side to which he belongs who stupidly believes that cell phone is the oil of lebanon.. So I guess we can't say "cell phone industry" in lebanon because it's state owned, so as always lebanese politicians are scamming us.

  2. Well, scamming is a remained state in Lebanon , it became so usual for us , but we really should do something about it , we should be the ones with power not them.
    And I would like to ask about privatized this sector ASAP plz

  3. ya3ne this will always be the case in lebanon!! a shitty mobile service!

  4. lebanon will not get better if even the mobile service is not getting better!

  5. During my time there was Cellis, and we used to pay 2 units when we start a call, but then after the first minute we get charged 1 unit/min. Is it still the case now? Maybe that would make the difference....

  6. actually am not sure, but I think it's not longer there now with Alfa (with the new offers, inno it was there 3 months ago)