Monday, April 27, 2009

Billboards, some getting creative, some just plain ridiculous

As you have probably noticed my dear reader, I have a fascination with Billboards, but I think many other Lebanese residents do too. Why you wonder? It's because they are too many of them and just everywhere. You cannot but stare at 4 or 5 at the same time while driving. Billboards in Lebanon are a very effective way of advertising, due to the repetitive traffic we encounter on a daily and regionally basis!

Especially lately, politics has stumbled upon billboards as diamonds to... everyone! Billboards are not just there to advertise products or shops or events, they're there to advertise politicians. Since Hariri's assassination in February 2005 we have seen many of them move their propaganda war to billboards (more like copy, because no one really gives up on media propaganda), and now with the elections, billboards are just sitting there waiting for candidates to take a picture of themselves, with so many kinds of poses, frowning, smiling, laughing, reflective, you name it, and then throw in a little catchy slogan down below. (I promise, I will try to take pictures of them as much as I can), but for now, below are my evalution of these three different kinds of billboard promotions:

I love playing on words, it's my hobby! And this billboard, makes me laugh everytime I see it :) For those of you who don't know arabic, Chery can be associated with Buy! In Lebanon we have a saying "Shtiree Ra7tak", which is translated to "Buy your comfort" and means that sometimes you need to spend a bit more money on something but it's worth it as you will be getting something that will just relieve your mind from worries and lead you to comfort!

It's smart, MTC (one of the two mobile companies in Lebanon) is declaring that it now has 1 million voices, and well you need a voice to use a mobile phone, so yes it's smart, especially with the up-coming elections, a vote is a voice...

And finally, one of the most ridiculous billboard ads ever, Mr Farid Al Khazen ad. Before this one, the billboard contained the same landscape picture with the same text on it, excluding the candidate's name and portrait. The dude believes... There are a series of billboards saying that he believes in youth and elderly, he believes in nation and women, etc.. In Arabic there is some closeness between the 2 words he chose to believe in, but nonetheless, it is a bit pointless. You want to believe? Believe! Just don't go about saying it to the world as your campaign to get elected... I wouldn't vote for you.

That's it for today. More coming soon


  1. uff sar fi Chery QQ in Lebanon?? It's very popular in China.

  2. yep, it's been here for 3 years I think. Definitely popular, is it a good car?

  3. I am not sure how good it is, but when I was in China in 2006 it was very popular there, and my Chinese coworkers used to like it... So I guess so?