Thursday, March 05, 2009

What do I think?

Ziad Baroud sent me an sms, personally (ok to every other Lebanese I
think) telling us that if the elections is important to us as much as
it is to him, to verify the data written about us in the voters list
in or in the municipality.

Coldplay are not coming to Lebanon. No one comes to Lebanon, we're
talking big bands, they all go to Dubai. Why? Because most of us
Lebanese and Lebanese politicians and everyone else that has to do
with Lebanon are ruining our chances to becoming the Paris of the
middle east.

Think of it this way, if there was a concert for Coldplay or Andrea
Boccelli or anyone else, one in UAE and one in Lebanon, which one
would you choose to go to? Considering that you live in neither

Finaly, I think we should make some sort of a campaign and spread an
awareness, maybe put ads on a couple of billboards urging our
politicians and the people not to make these elections bad ones, do no
ruin and destroy our chances of having the best summer, tourism wise,
since a decade.

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