Monday, February 16, 2009

Sect no longer referenced, a useful step?

So as a comment on this post "A Nineteenth Sect, or None at All?", I thought I'd document it here as well. So here you go:

Probably such step is more useful on a minor level, someone applying for a job, etc…

Definitely on the big scale it's nothing but a cute new addition (more like retraction) from our system. I agree with you, even though it might not be life changing, it is still something i'd definitely do, when i have time.

The steps to follow in order to have a non-sectarian country, to have a completely secular country is to remove any reference to our religion from our civil registry, and to have the parliament, the ministry, the president be voted for their qualifications and their electoral program and not their sect.
The final step is to have all Lebanese people, residents and expatriates remove any sectarian reference and xenophobia from their mind, that can be arranged with some sort of futuristic machine that can only target religious neurons in your head.
And then we live happily ever after

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