Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lebanese soon to be skiing in Dubai

One of the greatest traits in which Lebanon is known, is its white vast winter to spring lasting snow. I remember the school trip we had every year and I remember from which region seeing the snow begins.

It's been a couple of days that we have been having a relatively warm weather, a spring like weather, no one denies that it's actually a great weather, but it's not the time for such weather yet. There is a system, there is a cycle. Lebanon is widely known for its 4 diverse seasons. What happened?

It's been sunny for the past 4 days, a large part of the snow has melted because it wasn't that deep in the first place. We went there today for a ride on a snowmobile, and to our surprise, we reached the beginning of Faraya there was no snow. When we reached the ski slopes, we found many brown patches.

This is not very normal, it's scary to think that we're going to lose this amazing privilege we have. The weather is not changing, it's the climate. I am not sure how much Global Warming has as an effect on other countries, but I saw its impact in my own eyes today.

Taken in Faraya 08-Feb-2009Having said that, whatever is left of the snow attracted thousands of people to Faraya today, skiers, snowboarders, riding ATVs and snowmobiles, picnics... and best of all? Just look at the picture below, Lebanese people never seize to enjoy themselves, relax and be cool. It is crazy! So much traffic, so much crowd, it was a beautiful thing to see, I felt Lebanon was alive. The snowmobile was indeed exhilirating and most fun.

Taken in Faraya 08-Feb-2009

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