Monday, February 16, 2009

I won't go vote and that's that

So what happened on February 14, 2009? It was the 4th anniversary of Rafic Hariri's assassination (Check the archive for more details). We have a new "martyr", I am saddened to see another Lebanese die due to such events, but I also apologize from refraining to call him a martyr. We have seriously over-used this word, it has become a complete cliché and an equivalent to propaganda.

My take on that Saturday:
1- Too much traffic
2- Opposition Media interviewing people who had no clue why they came to the demonstration, or maybe they interviewed more and only chose to broadcast the stupid ones. Well don't worry, this is what 14 march TVs do as well.
3- I did not listen to the speeches, call me boring, but weren't they the same as the previous years?
4- Someone died, an image we have seen happen in previous years between the Druze, the Shiites and the Sunnis.
5- Once again, the hate that politicians feed on, it's the hate. Like that witch in the woods who kept feeding the baby so he can fatten up so she can eat him later on. Lebanese people are that boy, fat with hatred, and the politicians are the witch, only uglier than her.

I won't go vote because I want neither faction in power.
I won't go vote because I don't like the system in the first place.
I won't go vote because I will not ackowledge the system, the politicians or their stupid non-existant electoral program.
I won't go vote because I do not need the 100$ they might give me. D7ashouwa.

Everyone else? If you want, go ahead and vote. If not, then join me on June 7th, I will be protesting alone watching an american series, or Iranian, your choice.


  1. What a lame and, sorry to say, pathetic post.

    I didn't watch the speeches, I don't care about any of the politicians.

    But I do know what I want for my country. If M14 wins, there is the possibility that nothing will change, but there is also the possibility that we could move closer to full implementation of the Taef, including secularizing Parliament and initiating a Senate.

    If they, along with the President's bloc, win then there is a chance that the army will continue to get stronger and more robust and we can continue to work towards becoming a normal country.

    But if Hizballah, Amal, the SSNP, and the FPM win (along with the Baath and the Marada), what chance is there for just two of the above (and God knows there more)?

    None. Most likely we will regress and we will suffer, along with later generations.

    What a disappointment Liliane ...

    ... rise above the media (of both sides) and go with what you want for your country and its future.

  2. Well first of all, shou khas el media? Am actually high above it, as I do not watch it.

    Second, dear Blacksmith Jade, 14 March and with all due respect, and as someone who was protesting on 21 february and 28 February and 12 March (the flag) and 14 March of 2005, and 14 February 2007 and 14 March 2007 .... oh and on 22 November 1999 :) for independence and sovereignty from our sister Syria... with all due respect, 14 march are not making things better, you see, they're in the Power now, and we did have a mini civil war in May 2008 may I remind you, when Beirut was under siege, by Hezbollah.. so if you think when Hezbollah or Amal are in power, they will be in Power and they will no longer be a militia, they will no longer have to impose anything by force, so maybe, actually maybe we'll stop having wars in our capital. And let me remind you who was in Alliance with Hezbollah in elections 2005. Inno, what stops them from mingling now? You really believe there are principles to follow in this country?

    Am sorry if you had to go through agony Blacksmith Jade, maybe I made you feel like all hope was lost in this country, but don't worry, I wasn't gonna vote for 14 March even when I was on their side, so don't worry, no vote was lost, my voice doesnt account for anything in this country, because I don't want it to :)

  3. Mni7a!! Ana kell hammeh estafid ta a3mil el tezekra since they're expediting this procedure now ;)

    June 7, I'll be busy with Anastasia, so you're welcome to come protest at my place; we only watch FOX and MBC ajnabeh at our house, iza t3attalna, I have plenty of original expensive DVDs that I brought back with me metel el jadbeh lol

  4. I don't get it. Because on May 7th Hizballah, AMAL, and the SSNP proved what we always knew about them (that they would willfully kill Lebanese in order to protect their interests and the interests of their patrons in Syria and Iran) we are supposed to just drop everything and hand them the country? Because they used violence, then thats it, its over? Because they use violence if they're not in power (and by the way, when they can take the country to war anytime they like, or put an economic stranglehold on the capital and the country, then they're not "out of power"), then we should hand them the keys to the country?

    Why did you bother going to all those protests Liliane if you felt that way? If you felt that being unwillfully dominated by military/para-military force that provided stability through terror was better than fighting for freedom inspite of the instability, why did you bother in the first place?
    Did you think the Syrians would thank us for hosting them, just pick up their bags and leave? Did you think that their quislings would be happy to see their patrons leave (along wiht all the money and influence peddled their way during the occupation) without resorting to the tactics of thuggery that they know best?

    You're obviously disappointed - well we all are, but we're not ready to give up.

    You don't have to worry about my feelings, Liliane. My politics is based on conviction and an intellectual evaluation and belief in the potential of our country and the path(s) we need to pursue to in order to realize that potential. From the beginning of this struggle, nobody [should have] expected this to be easy, the families of those assassinated are witness to that.

    And trust me, I'm fully aware of the [many many] faults and limitations of those who "lead" and/or "follow" under the banner of M14. But that is something that can only be addressed if we have a country - full in its sovereignty and independence - and a state - steadfast in its institutions - through which to work on these things.

    Voting - the act of voting - is the essence of those institutions. It is a rejection of the violence, intimidation, and return to domination that is implied by events such as May 7th and, more recently, the violence rendered on Feb 14th.

    As I said before, if M14 wins there is the possibility that nothing will change but there is also the possibility that this movement could live up to [some, if not all] of its promise.

    Hell, vote for the President's bloc, they at least have been implementing important - unbiased and secular - reforms! Just vote.

  5. if you don't vote you lose you right to complain...
    it is worth voting only for that

  6. Jade???
    Presidential bloc??????
    It doesn't exist at all ...

    I am wondering where are your analytical skills to talk about a non existing presidential bloc. It is just a marketing rebranding for those that do not have any seat on majority/opposition lists and moreover a marketing rebranding to decrease the actual victory of the opposition in the christian caza of metn, jbeil and Kesrouan according to the latest polls
    Just hearing that is making me laughting.

    You should definitly stop reading Now Lebanon with their craps paid by the US Embassy. They are not better then Al Manar, it is just that one is paid by the US and the other by Iran. Lebanon is just a chess piece in their hand. Lebanon do not exist as a free country if you re broadcasting their false and biast informations.

  7. Akh ...

    ... whatever you say anonymous.

    I guess we'll talk after the "opposition" (aren't the FPM and Hizballah/AMAL in the Cabinet?) "wins the Metn". Great prediction ... right on the spot (sigh).

    We'll see about Jbeil and Kesrouan, they're battlegrounds but don't be too surprised when members of a "non-existent bloc" win seats there genius.

    PS - Feel free to continue this pointless line of argument without me as I'll be busy talking about a "non-exitant Lebanon" on my own blog.