Monday, February 02, 2009

Decreased costs of mobile services effective March 1st

Lebanon has one of the most expensive mobile services and
subscriptions in the world. Lately, the Ministry of
Telecommunications, which is currently led by Minister Gibran Bassil,
has launched a new decree effective March 1st, 2009, to decrease the
subscription by 10$ for postpaid lines, and the 1 minute call by 2
cents (0.02 $). As for the prepaid lines, they will extend the period
allowed to stay without recharging units by 2 months making it a total
of 3 months.

They are still not great, and don't include any new services (3G?),
but definitely better than what we have now.

I was hoping they would also come up with charging by the second
instead of the minute (for example, if you make a call of 1 minute and
10 seconds, you get charged for 2 minutes). Fingers crossed, maybe in
the next decade.

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