Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Once again... Gaza

What's happening to Gaza is not a new sight. For Lebanese it is
especially a reminder of the July 2006 war. Once again, the Arabs sit
and do nothing. Once again, Israel is only defending itself. Once
again the international community ... is the international community.
Once again, people die to form another sheet of statistics in a
forgotten history book. Once again, after the war will be over, the
strong will finish stronger, the weak will finish weaker, and
people... died.


  1. i see a lot of similarities but with a different view:
    1) in both case a semi terrorist group was the one initiating the violence
    2) both case Israel retaliated by manly inflicting pain on the civilian population hoping it will leverage some pressure on the leadership
    3)both wars will end in the same manner, in the exact situation both parties started.

  2. ... when did war ever solve anything.

  3. the sad truth?....a lot of times, but only when one side crushed completely the other side (WWII for example, Dacian wars of the Romans if to pick one from ancient times)

  4. Well you know what I mean.

    It's just that... I can put myself in those people's shoes, those who saw death coming to them, and then they died, possibly in a horrific way. Who deserves that?

    They're two drastic principles.
    1- No one should die this way
    2- Some should die for the better of their nation or whatever it is...

    And this is when things clash.

  5. yes i do, that's y i said the sad truth, because i have the filling that sometimes people think that the only solution is a total war with 25% of the population dead