Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama, black, democratic and smart. His first day

Obama stepped into the white house today, 20 January 2009. Obvious points? He's the first American President. He's a democrat. He seems smart and eloquent. And he's young.

With every new president, the nation hopes for change, for things to improve. With a new American president, most of the world joins the americans with these wishes and high expectations.

Obama already has on the plate that Bush left him an economic crisis (the worst since decades), 2 wars in Asia and a whole world waiting and watching every step he makes.

The black population in 2007 was 13.5%, and it is increasing. A black president? I say finally. He proved to be the most appropriate candidate, whether he's black or white or green, who cares?

As I said earlier, with every new president, even if most times we get disappointed, we can't help but hope for the better.

One thing I liked about Obama is his honesty, modesty and that he is down to earth. He knows he's not going to make the economy better in 1 year or withdraw all troops scattered in the world in one month and just make peace between Iran and Israel. It's enough that he tries his best, and doesnt make things worse. Bush did.

It is very important for the US to make peace with their enemies or at least not make things worse. The next 4 years will have an impact on the whole world. I know many disagree with me on this one. But I once predicted that the EURO will rise when it was only 0.85USD, so yes, I should work for the economist! Ok stop laughing.

Quick note: I saw Jon Stewart's show maybe 10 days ago, when Israel was bombing Gaza, killing dozens of people per day, the US media was showing and talking about Obama's daughters first day at school in Washington D.C. Really, the US media should start thinking that the US isn't the only country in this world.

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