Friday, January 09, 2009

Ehtnic cleansing of the Palestinians, who to blame

For a good round up and detailed background that will help understand the current situation between Israel and Gaza, I recommend reading this article "Who to blame for this Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians" by my fellow blogger Marxist From Lebanon. Click here to read the article.


  1. you should check out what i was stating on this issue... on that link

    it was long time before the conflict.

    We need more people to forcast the things.

  2. hmm...that was a very nicely written but very shallow article. it reminds me of an piece about the war of Autobots Vs. Decepticons.

  3. sp, which article are you referring to?

    frenchy, okay will check thoroughly in a while

  4. the one written by my fellow Marxist

  5. 1)It takes a very complex issue, with no "good side" and "bad side", a conflict which both sides have done many mistakes thou out history, missed almost every opportunity to peace, and blamed the other side for it; and portray it as it was batman war against the villain.
    2) It disregards the global factors and process that inflorescence both nations, although mentioning the Muslim brothers, the article fails to state the connections between the rising of Gamas and the other fundamental Islamic groups around the world, and the decline of nationalism in the Arab world.

    i can write many more lines here, but the button one is that it is not that simple, there is no bad side and good side here (although everybody thinks the other one is).
    for every atrocity one side did, you can bring a justification to it by a previous atrocity the other side have done, and you can take it back all the way to the beginning of the 20th century.

    and my 50 cents, a true solution could never be find if you seek justice, because every side will sick it own. a true solution would be fusible if only the 2 side will give up justice and alternately look for what is the best option for them. but i doubt that such think will happen in my lifetime (but in the other hand, i didn't believe that the iron curtain will be ever lifted)

  6. Ah i see.

    Well I liked your 50 cents on the solution that is actually possible. Interesting, never looked at it this way.

  7. The Marxist helped destroy your country. Israel didn't want your Christian majority democratic country destroyed. If you had that country back, without the filthy terrorists, Israel and Lebanon would be friends. Your country will always be a cesspool because of people like you.