Friday, January 30, 2009

Cedar Island = Destructive Project

If by now you haven't received the following email, then here it is:

“Beirut - "Noor International Holding", located in Beirut, declared its determination to present to the Lebanese official authorities the development of "Lebanon's Cedar Island" project facing the Lebanese coast in order to get the approvals. The company revealed also that the project is an artificial island in the sea and it is similar to Lebanon's national symbol. It is worth mentioning that this island will be the biggest artificial tree in the history”

"Dr. Saleh confirmed that the project, in its plans, takes into consideration the protection of the maritime environment without causing any damages to it due to the fact that some of the Island's parts will be the cedar's branches floating above the sea surface."

Thank you but NO THANK YOU. We already have trees and green and mountains and a great beach and a great weather and a great location in Lebanon, we do not need to go by imitating Dubai (who originally imitated us in the first place) and create fake things by killing the maritime life.

We still have a little bit of great nature in Lebanon, forests, mountains and a very nice sea. We do not need to fake things.

Dr. Saleh, are you sure this project takes into consideration the protection of the maritime environment? How is that possible? It is going to take up a lot of space in the sea, are you going to send a note to all the fish and turtles and algues and everything to move to a new section in the sea?

Plus, the money that will be spend on this project can be used to much more useful and needed projects in Lebanon. We need 24h electricity, we need better roads, we need more job opportunities, we need more scholarships for the youth, we need better security forces, we need order, we need better social security, etc... etc...


  1. And stupid me who thought that the Lebanese coast line belonged to it's citizens according to our (battered) constitution. Why not sell the Lebanese sky as well? What was once known as the hub of culture is being transformed to a huge brothel for Arab neighbors to enjoy.
    Fellow Lebanese wake up for they plan to rape what is left of your country and dignity.

  2. Right on!!!!
    we only begging to realize how bad the fake island in Dubai is impacting the environment.
    for the love of your country and future of your children, say no to this project

  3. ya3ne in a few words we need a real country, not a fake cedar island shit to commemorate nothing.. we are not dead nor extinct

  4. I'm going to start by saying how much I love Lebanon, its trees, beautiful views, beaches and so on. However I think that this cedar Island is a wonderful idea. For starters, It will attract tourists from all over the world boosting the lebanese economy. It will create jobs in lebanon. Building such a big island requires thousands of construction workers, engineers, planners, architects, designers and so on; further boosting the economy. It will also attract people to come back and live on their home soil after years living abroad. We all know what a boosted economy means in the short, medium and long term. More jobs, higher incomes, greater export/import capacity...trickling down the more competitive pricing for consumers and so on. This idea is brilliant and will bring on a huge boost in Gross Domestic Product. As for the maritime issue, yes maybe it will have some impact on them (eventhough the project clearly states that it won't), but I think the benefits far outweigh the costs; and let's face it what's moving out a few kilometers going to do to a turtle, or fish or whatever. I think Lebanon needs to focus more on bettering its population's own quality of life before worrying about little tiny distrubances to maritime life. MOE

  5. Moe I definitely agree on creating more jobs amongst the lebanese work force and attracting more tourists. but the land of Lebanon already has what it takes, so instead of investing the money in creating something fake, why not improve and maintain what we already have, thus creating job oppotunities and definitely attracting tourists.

  6. Thanks for your reply Liliane. You are absolutely correct about lebanon having what it takes and that we should improve and maintain what we already have; but do you really think we can control where private investors use their money?? Yes we can criticize it, and be unhappy about the fact that there's no 24hr electricity(which is a bummer I think), that we need order, more scholarships and so on, but that's not going to happen unless the money comes from the government. It's never going to come from private corporations. However, indirectly, the people of lebanon will eventually reap the benfits of this project via the increased GDP per capita, increased government taxation revenue which will enable the government to raise the quality of life of the lebanese via better roads, schools, social support and so on. We can't just dismiss this wonderful project on the basis that it is "fake". Hey, it will create REAL results for the lebanese so why not. Let's keep an open mind. MOE.

  7. Well I see your point about the money coming from the government (or maybe not coming)... so yeah you got it right there. If there is not choice of getting money but for a project such as the Cedar thingie, then I donno, it would be better than nothing perhaps? as it might help with improving the original land.. heh :)

  8. Cheers to that Liliane! Another thing I want to mention is that these investors have chosen a lebanese icon which is symbolic to the lebanese and close to our hearts. They are not "invading" our space with their own icons; in which case i'd object to this project also. MOE

  9. For MOE and Liliane:
    1st of All, I would say to Liliane that (I am Disappointed that you agreed with MOE). You had several right point of views about the economy raise thru a such project. The fact MOE is that our tree is more than expensive to our hearts, before thinking of such project lets protect the nature of the real tree then to think of doing the artificial one.
    You were mentionning that infrastructure (electr.. roads, facilities, etc..) and economy circulation will increase to a better quality due to such project. You are totally wrong, Lebanese whom ran away long time ago far of war, they would never come to spend Millions to buy an apartment on the sea on an artifical project. They waited years and it's going to be century to get a result of safety.
    I Live in Dubai and I work in a very big Real Estate Holding company, in the development section. They don't think of increasing the economy in a country, otherwise why do they call Holding? It's Shareholders, Portions for thus and some for these, and as well for others. The money will still be in a private sector call Noor holding. Again, fees for requirements and approvals will be paid to the government, for the Land Department and the Real Estate Agency, This in case we got one in Lebanon.
    If that Holding company by developing such project will increase our economy then tell me why those hundreds of developers in UAE has decreased the economy quality and ended our Immigrated Lebanese graduated people to be unemployed and under debts? The fact, they're playing now the game of Legal issues due to the turndown of the market, What if war will Hit Lebanon again? Then, they'll stop working and what they will be taking money off-plan will be supposed as froze money due to the stoppage of work in the mobilization and base installation.

    Believe me, in case such project happens, The Real Estate Symphony starts always from the point of off-plan. Buy by reading a MAP, Like buy fishes on the sea. After a while, a small piece in the ass will turn on Lebanon to a scavenger environment of fight and serial killers. It will be a square of Political Portions, and the victim will be The Local Lebanese who spent his life outside Lebanon, away of His parents and his land, to support Lebanon in every cent he got, then He'll be the victim of losing his money in such Investment.
    If NOT Lebanese will be investing, then who's supposed to buy? Emarati? Kuwaiti? Saudi Arabian? Yeah go see Hammana, Hamdoun, Alay, Brumana, Jounieh, And the high beautiful areas, go to find their properties bought by these Arab that they never supported Lebanon when the dirty hand was killing us and raping our Land.

    Now they'll rape what we got as a threasure, they'll buy us and Let us put our money for Loss.

    Nobody is aware of what's going on, People think that Noor Holding is a Good Preacher or Sheikh who's coming to save Lebanon economy, Nobody is aware that those shareholders needs only money and That the day things falls, Legal issues will starts and stealing our money will be adopted.

  10. Rabih thanks for your input, I don't know why you're disappointed, I read what I said again and it doesn't appear as if I agree with Moe, but all I was trying to do is be open and not completely have a close mind about this. But please know, I am not for this project at all, the points more suggested, if they were true, meaning that is the only way to get money from the government, then ok there is a question mark there, however after I thought about the subject, I am against such project and for the points and reasons I mentioned in the post and the comments.

    As for losing our country to foreigners, to arabs to be specific, that is a dramatic, whatever happens to Palestine anyone? I feel like the same thing is happening to us anymore, and because of our greedy politicians we are losing our country.